All of UAMA’s arts programs are built around core outcomes. At UAMA, every student will:

  • Possess a functioning arts vocabulary
  • Understand the historical elements of the arts
  • Value the arts as a mode of personal expression
  • Produce art that encapsulates these elements
  • Defend their work through both written and verbal means
  • Connect with career and higher education opportunities in the field

To this end, UAMA integrates the visual, literary and musical arts into the academic school day. Students participate in a four-year series of Extended Studio art classes, beginning with project-based electives and arts integration units (Studio 9) in 9th grade. They pursue two years of intensive art electives in 10th-11th grade (Studio 10 and 11), taught by professional artists during the school day. In their senior year (Studio 12), students will complete professional internships and undertake independent projects in a chosen art discipline, under the guidance of an Extended Studio teacher mentor.

Students share their work at the end of each semester through our Extended Studio Showcase, and at professional venues throughout the year. Field trips, events, and visiting artists further enrich students’ experience and allow them to consider how their academic and arts experiences can translate into a career of their choice.

UAMA also provides enrichment, internship, and mentorship programs that extend beyond the school day. These take place both at UAMA (through our After Hours Studio after-school program), and offsite, through our partnerships.