xStudio Courses

xStudio is a collection of highly rigorous arts classes where students engage with the arts in such a way that they may take the skills they obtain in class to acquire the components for and the ability to recognize rigorous, college level portfolio literacy.

Course Descriptions

Teen Battle Chef with David Bartolomi- Teen Battle Chef is a semester-long class providing hands on cooking training through weekly sessions where two teams of up to 5 students collaborate to prepare a recipe from a different country. Come eat homemade, delicious food you prepare yourself. You’ll learn professional knife skills and how to be a chef in the kitchen. No previous culinary experience is necessary! (This class is offered Monday and Wednesday)


Painting & Sculpture with David Cruz- We will master painting, sculpture, and explore history through the works of Picasso. Students will use collage, paint, ink, wood, and plaster to understand and deconstruct the body. (This class is offered on Tuesday and Thursday)


Dance & Creative Movement with Antione “Doc” Judkins- We will focus on connecting different dances from their present day names through history with culture & music. Learning to play with the many styles (with awareness of its foundation) for an individual freestyle. Expressing the choreographer within oneself while learning to practice as if you’re already onstage. Where is your focus point? What kind of energy is needed? How much do you need to practice in order to get the rhythm/exercise/move/choreography? (This class is offered on Tuesday and Thursday)


Performance Poetry with Osunyoyin Alake Ifarike – Performance poetry is all about catching your audience’s attention and keeping it to get your message across. Come learn how to make your poems get the attention they deserve and how to deliver them with emotion, conviction, and fire. (This class is offered on Wednesday)


Music Business with Christian Peterson- There are many professions within the Music Industry. It was never all about the recording artist. Learn the “ins and outs” of the Music Industry in this hands on simulation. We will use Hip-Hop, its increasingly progressive nature and its professional culture to understand key concepts of Business. We will plan, create and apply our findings in real time; ultimately becoming a mock record label. If you ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes and how your favorite artists become incredible, this is the class to take. (This class is offered on Monday and Tuesday)


Anime/Manga Artists with Samir Vural- United Anime & Manga Artists meet to discuss, show, and promote the art and craft behind anime and manga: visual storytelling. On Wednesdays we get together to share work, practice the craft of drawing and visual storytelling. Guest artists will come to make presentations and trips will be taken to expose ourselves to the larger Anime/Manga community. We will spend the semester developing our own graphic novels and publish a selection from each artist in one volume. (This class is offered on Wednesdays)


Photography with Osunyoyin Alake Ifarike – Want to take better pictures? Are you considering a career in fashion or design? Want to turn your photographs into ART? Then take the xStudio Photography class. You will learn the principles of composition, lighting, and capturing the moment, especially the unexpected ones. Photoshop will become your partner in taking your photographic images from ordinary to extraordinary. (This class is offered on Thursdays)