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UAMA follows the regular New York City Department of Education high school admissions process.

Using the High School Application Form, students select up to twelve (12) high schools/programs. Students list their schools/programs in order of preference on the Student Program Choices page of the application. Students who wish to apply to UAMA should list the school as their first choice. A student is matched with his/her highest ranked school that has also ranked him/her. If a student is not matched in the Main Round, he/she will be entered in the Supplementary Round.

We are an unscreened school, requiring no special test scores, essays, or interviews to apply. A computer randomly selects students for acceptance into our program. However, we give priority to students who, along with their parents, participate in an orientation session or open house.

UAMA is the only public arts and music-focused high school that does not require auditions or portfolio reviews. This is due to our philosophy that serious arts instruction can benefit all students, not only those who enter high school planning to pursue an arts discipline professionally.

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