Transcript and Records Requests

How can I get a copy of my records, including transcripts?

You can request your records at any time using the instructions in the following sections. We do not provide duplicate diplomas.

Official DOE guidelines for students requesting their records and information can be found on the official DOE website.

Current Students

If you are a student currently attending a DOE school, you may request a transcript from your guidance counselor at any time.

Former Students

Former students must follow the directions indicated in this Transcript Information Requests Google Form. Pleae note that you will be asked to fill out a fillable PDF form and submit a copy of your photo ID.

If you are the parent or guardian of a student under the age of 18, you can ask for a transcript from your child’s school by making a written request. When a student is 18 or older, we will only honor transcript requests from the student. Students can give written permission to access records.


The form(s) asks for student information, school information, and a signature from the student or parent/guardian. You can request records electronically, by mail, or in-person. If you are unsure how to submit your request, call the school first.


  • Fill out this Transcript Information Request Google Form.
  • Make sure to include a copy of a filled-out Student Records Request Form and attach a copy of your photo ID (for example, a passport, state-issued photo ID, or an IDNYC ID)
  • Make sure to indicate whether the request is for the student personally or for another agency or program (University, Work, etc.)

By mail:

  • Print and fill out the Student Records Request Form
  • Include a copy of your photo ID with your signature
  • Include your contact information
  • Include contact and delivery addresss if requesting for another agency or program.
  • Mail the form to your school, with a photocopy of your ID

In Person:

  • Print and fill out the Student Records Request Form
  • Bring a photo ID (for example, a passport, state-issued photo ID, or an IDNYC ID)
  • Call the school to learn the specific days and times for these requests
  • Bring the completed form and your ID to your school

Providing DOE Records to Other Agencies and Programs

You may need to provide records of graduation, attendance, or enrollment as documentation to other agencies and programs. Follow the directions above to request these records. If you need your records sent directly to another agency or program, you will need to consent to releasing the records. Contact your school for assistance with your request.