a message from founding Principal Paul Thompson

UAMA celebrates the act of doing, creating, making and thinking about art. Art as a form of self-expression, or as a mode of study, represents the uncovering of the unknown. Our belief in the liberating force of one’s own self-expression has always been clear. As Maxine Greene states in the opening of Variations on a Blue Guitar, “Aesthetic education is an intentional undertaking designed to nurture appreciative, reflective, cultural, participatory engagements with the arts by enabling learners to notice what there is to be noticed. When this happens, new connections are made in experience, new patterns are formed, new vistas are opened. Persons see differently, resonate differently…” By entering into the realm of aesthetic education, we open ourselves up to the possibility of fundamentally changing our conscious understanding of the world. The act of discovery in itself becomes a form of creation, uncovering something that was not understood before the moment of discovery, the artistic moment.

At UAMA, we strive to continuously build systems by which these moments of discovery can take place. We would like to thank all that have helped to create the unique space with which we are privileged to be involved. We welcome new students, parents, faculty and partners to take part in these explorations, and realize their full potential as thinkers, doers, and creators.

Paul J. Thompson